Arrowhead Product Warranty

What is the Arrowhead Product Warranty?

Arrowhead stands by the quality of our craftsmanship, and we strongly desire for every customer to have an exceptional experience. 

Since we know that rare issues can happen, we offer a limited product warranty for out-of-box manufacturer defects or unacceptable failures for level of use. 

Arrowhead defines an "out-of-box manufacturer defect" to be an irregular and/or incorrectly assembled product where the issue is apparent immediately upon opening the package. These defects could include products labeled as the wrong size, improperly joined seams or stitching, fraying fabric, or nonfunctional zippers to name a non exhaustive list of possible issues. 

Arrowhead further defines "unacceptable failures for level of use" as product malfunctions which reasonably impede the wearing or function of the product which have occurred without obvious reason. An example of this might be a seam on a correctly-fitting garment which comes undone after the first wash or wear. 

Arrowhead does not warranty any product issues that occur from improper use (including incorrect washing or drying procedures), accidents, or regular wear and tear that occurs through use of the product. 

All warranty claims must be reported within 12 months of the purchase date of the order. No exceptions. 

If you believe that you have received a defective product, please contact our customer support team at or DM us on Facebook/Instagram @arrowheadtacticalapparel with a description of the issue and photos of the defect (if applicable).

Note: This warranty does not apply to Crucial Concealment products sold on our site, including the Covert IWB Holster and Covert Mag. 

Effective for orders placed as of November 2nd, 2023