Holster Compatibility and Support

If you’ve carried concealed for any time at all, then it’s likely that you have your preferred gear and carry techniques that you have fine-tuned and practiced.

That’s why Arrowhead promises to support Your Holster, Your Handgun, and Your Preferred Carry Position.

These three components are essential to an uncompromising concealed carry experience, and Arrowhead aims to maintain a consistent carry experience so you can use the gear you have - and the crucial muscle memory that comes with it.

We’ve tested our apparel extensively with holsters, handguns, and waist-mounted accessories to ensure that we’re making good on this promise. Review our testing below to see how our waistband will support your setup.

Handgun Compatibility:

  • All “Carrier” apparel offers sufficient support for all handguns up to 5 lb / 2.3 kg in IWB holsters when a removable 1.5” retention belt is installed and set up properly. See our set-up guides here. 
  • Yes, we’ve tested a Desert Eagle. It passed the jumping test without sag or bounce.
  • The OmniCarry belt offers more support than the Rapid Clasp belt. We recommend OmniCarry if you have an oversized carry gun.

Holstering Desert Eagle

Holster Compatibility:

  • Our apparel is compatible with nearly all inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters that use one or multiple holster clips designed for 1.5” or 1.75” belts. All common clip styles are supported (Monoblock clips, J clips, wide and flat, etc.), and they may be constructed of metal or plastic.
  • We strongly recommend using rigid kydex holsters molded specifically for your weapons platform with enough retention that the gun does not leave the holster unless deliberately removed


  • We have personally tested the following holster brands / models and found ideal compatibility with our Carrier Retention Waistband:
    • BlackPoint Tactical: DualPoint AIWB (Light Mounted and Regular), FO3 (Light Mounted and Regular), Mini WING IWB
    • Crucial Concealment: Covert IWB (all models)
    • Galco: Triton and Triton 2.0 (all models)
    • G-Code: Phenom (all models)
    • Haley Strategic: INCOG X
    • Houdini Holsters: IWB Breakout 2.0
    • NeoMag: Alias Receiver w/ 1.5” Belt Brackets and all holster clip designs
    • SafariLand: INCOG X
    • Tier 1 Concealed: T1-M, XIPHOS v2 (note: customer reviews have confirmed compatibility with the Axis Elite, Axis Slim, and XIPHOS Elite models)
    • T.rex Arms: Sidecar (gen1 and gen2)
    • Vedder Holsters: LightTuck, ProTuck, SideTuck


  • Customer feedback on IWB holsters from the following brands has confirmed general compatibility with our apparel:
    • AlienGear Holsters
    • BlackHawk (kydex holsters only)
    • CrossBreed Holsters (confirmed by Lena Miculek)
    • Eclipse Holsters
    • SafariLand (including INCOG X)
    • Tulster
    • VersaCarry
    • We The People Holsters

Check out our Holster Compatibility Test playlist on YouTube. 

Holster / Accessory Placement:

  • Our Carrier Retention Waistband goes all the way around your waist, so it provides full 360-degree support for your holster and waist-mounted accessories.
  • All waist-mounted carry positions are possible - appendix, strong side, back - and the system is fully ambidextrous.
  • Holsters may be attached directly to the inner retention belt or over the belt + waistband material. Certain holster positions around the waist may require putting your holster clips over the full waistband because of the placement of the internal belt loops
  • For holsters with multiple clips, we recommend the OmniCarry belt because it offers more options for placing your holster clips.

Holster Restrictions:

  • We do not recommend using holsters with soft loops rather than hard clips, but the soft loops are generally compatible with our waistband.
  • Outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters are not supported due to the internal nature of our retention belt.


  • Our waistband is compatible with most waist-mounted accessories like magazine carriers, tourniquet carriers, and flashlights.
  • Almost anything that uses a 1.5” or 1.75” clip will work.
  • Like holsters, most accessories can be placed at any position around the waist.

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