Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q - What is special about Arrowhead Tactical Apparel products?

A - The Carrier line by Arrowhead Tactical Apparel is the first "tactical" athletic clothing intended to provide the wearer with unprecedented comfort and functionality for EDC. The Carriers blend the best features of traditional tactical pants and high-quality athletic clothes - uncompromised EDC has never been this comfortable, stylish, or versatile. 

Q - How does the patented Carrier Retention Waistband work?

A - Watch this short video to see the science behind the waistband design:

Q - Can I really carry a gun while exercising in these athletic clothes?

A - Yes, really. With a properly-fitting holster, Carrier apparel will keep your sidearm safely secured even during strenuous exercise, including running. (Note: always abide by your local regulations and restrictions)

Q - Do I need to "set up" my Carriers after I receive them?

A - Carrier apparel may be worn with or without the supportive waistband, though you will need to insert the waistband to safely carry concealed. Please refer to our "Setting Up Your Carrier Product" video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly install the supportive waistband. Videos are available for both belt designs we offer.

Q - What can I carry when wearing the Carriers?

A - Our proprietary waistband technology will safely support everything from micro compacts to full-size handguns without sagging or compromising on retention. Due to the "internal" nature of the supportive waistband, you will need an IWB holster with 1.5" or 1.75" clips for best results. External, belt-mounted holsters are not compatible with the Carrier platform. 

Q - Can I use my own 1.5" retention belt with the Carrier products?

A - While most 1.5" retention belts will fit the Carrier Retention Waistband, we recommend against using third party belts. Our standard Rapid Clasp Belt and upgraded OmniCarry Retention Belt are designed specifically for the Carrier Retention Waistband to provide the most comfortable and most secure carry experience. We cannot guarantee optimal functionality with any other belt. 

Q - What size will fit me?

A - Please refer to our Size Guidelines. For an athletic fit, order true to measurements. For a more relaxed fit, or for individuals with large leg proportions, consider ordering one size up for best results. 

Q - Do you offer a women's line?

A -  Arrowhead has launched a women's line of Joggers with Rose by Sig Sauer - check it out here! 

Q - Does Arrowhead have any retail locations?

A - At this time, Arrowhead products are only offered through our e-commerce channels, including our website and our Amazon listings. We are working to establish partnerships with retailers who support our company's values; apply to become a Dealer if you would like more information!

Q - What is your return / exchange policy? 

A - Please visit our page on Returns and Exchanges.

Q - Where is your apparel manufactured?

A - We currently manufacture our inventory in China under close supervision for quality and consistency, and we are exploring American options for production as we grow in scale to be able to support the American textile industry. Your support will make this possible!  

Q - Where will my order ship from?

A - We operate two warehouses - one in Atlanta, GA, and one overseas closer to where we manufacture. When an order is placed, the system will allocate the order to the warehouse with the best available inventory to complete that order. We aim to ship orders complete, but orders may be split as needed to satisfy the order. The type and quality of products stocked at both warehouses is exactly the same, though availability of products may vary. Regardless of which warehouse ships your order, we use reliable couriers to ensure your order is delivered to you in a timely fashion. 

Q - What is Arrowhead's story?

A - Arrowhead Tactical Apparel is an American company founded by 5 young professionals with a shared passion for fitness, self-defense, quality apparel, and entrepreneurship. We design all of our products from the ground up to offer the quality and functionality that we would demand of products that we would buy for ourselves.