Speed and Accuracy Test Results

Our goal with testing handguns is to provide you with consistent, measurable data about how these guns perform in situations that matter. 

Our test replicates many components of a potential defensive situation - drawing from a holster, first shot accuracy, performing a reload, shooting quickly, moving to a different position, and controlling your shots to maximize accuracy under pressure. 

See below for the results from the guns we have tested thus far. We will update this list with every new gun we test. 

Test Sequence:

  • First shot drawn from concealment (5 yards)
  • Reload
  • Three shots on target (5 yards)
  • Spring back to 10 yards
  • Shoot until hitting a bullseye (10 yards)

Scoring Criteria:

The objective of the test is to achieve the lowest score possible. The base score is the overall time taken to complete the run. A one-second penalty is added for each shot outside of the target's A-zone or for each missed shot at 10 yards when attempting the bullseye.