Belt Comparison

Arrowhead offers two belt options - the Rapid Clasp belt and the OmniCarry belt.

Both feature 1.5” elasticized-nylon webbing, designed for easy use with the Carrier Retention Waistband on all our pants and shorts.

Compare at a glance:


Rapid Clasp Belt

OmniCarry Belt




Fully Adjustable and Removable



Buckle Type

Magnetic tension lock with slide buckle adjustment

Two-piece hardware with fully removable horseshoe-style buckle and slide buckle adjustment


Good - flexes for greater comfort

Great - flexes less for greater support

Holster Placement Options

Good - compatible with most IWB holsters and all carry positions

Great - better option for 2-clip holsters, supports all carry positions



Yes - remove metal hardware


Short video of both in action:

If neither of these belts suit your needs, that’s okay, too! Our Carrier products are designed to accept most 1.5” belts on the market. The combinations of holster and belt are nearly unlimited, giving you all the freedom you need to find your perfect setup for concealed carry. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.