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Why should you sell Arrowhead Tactical Apparel? 

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel (“ATA”) was created by young American athletes, outdoorsmen, and recreational shooters who united around the goal to develop comfortable, practical clothing that solves a specific problem: “I need the functionality of athletic clothes without compromising my EDC.”

We pioneered the concealed carry athleticwear niche for men when we launched in 2020 with our flagship product - the Carrier Joggers. In the 3 years since, we have solidified our place as the leading upstart in concealed carry athleticwear with unrelenting focuses on innovation, safety, and customer experience. 

We want to fill the “preparedness” gap in your wardrobe with clothing that you’ll swear by.

Our patented Carrier Retention Waistband allows you to carry even full-sized handguns in IWB holsters without sag or bounce - even through rigorous movement like running. The Waistband works with most holsters and every waist-mounted carry position, letting the wearer maintain his preferred setup for EDC with no learning curve. If you’ve carried in belted pants, then any Carrier apparel will feel natural - preserving the critical muscle memory that you’ve practiced for years. 

ATA is constantly working on expanding our product line with new styles, colors, and sizes to fit the lifestyles of the Concealed Carry community for every season and style. As a result, our repeat customer rates exceed 30% with high (and growing) customer lifetime values - making it easy to reconvert your audience with new offerings again and again. 

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