Wholesale and Distribution Program

Thank you for considering Arrowhead Tactical Apparel as an addition to your store’s offerings.

We founded Arrowhead Tactical Apparel with the goal to develop comfortable and practical apparel that merges our passions for fitness and preparedness. We design our products with purposeful attention to creating the most comfortable and uncompromising EDC experience of any clothing available.

As an official dealer for ATA, you will be among the exclusive channels where customers can acquire our products. ATA began and continues to thrive as an e-commerce company, and joining forces with premier brick-and-mortar retailers is a key way to allow customers to shop and buy through the channels they prefer. We are committed to partnerships that are equitable and profitable for both ATA and our dealers.

 Offer Terms
Packaging Display Ready (Barcode-Equipped Branded Polybags and Hangtags)
Merchandising Support Physical and Digital Assets available to all partners; Custom POS Support available for premier partners
Delivery Terms Delivered Duty Paid
Margins  Competitive - Please apply for more details
Payment Net Terms - Please apply for more details

We encourage all prospective dealers to carefully review ATA’s products to understand the unique value proposition we bring to the tactical community, which you would be able to offer to your customers as part of our elite dealer program. If you think any of our products would be a good fit for your store, please apply to become an official dealer.


Alexander Spanopoulos, Founder

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