NEW PRODUCT: Carrier Shorts Mk.II - 7" and 11"

Carrier Shorts Mk.II Black 7

The next evolution of hot-weather concealed carry is here. 

The brand-new Carrier Shorts Mk.II join the Traveler Joggers and Carrier Training Shorts as the next 3rd Generation product in Arrowhead's lineup, and we swung for the fences with this one. 

The previous generation of Carrier Shorts launched in July 2020 as our second ever product. We improved it steadily over the years, upgrading the rear zipper, adding an 11" inseam option, and expanding to 5 popular colors. But we knew it was time for an overhaul to take the Shorts to the next level. 

Let's talk about what's new, shall we? 

First things first, "going #1" was never the easiest task in our original shorts. Our new Carrier Shorts Mk.II have added a functional zipper fly, taking lessons learned from our Traveler Joggers which were the first to sport a gentleman-escape-hatch. 

The zipper is cleverly covered by a cloth flap when closed, preserving the clean look of the shorts. Your entire EDC can stay firmly in place while the business is done. 

Zipper Fly Mk.II Shorts

Second things second, we've added a second zippered rear pocket with internal magazine sleeves. We heard you loud and clear that you wanted your wallet on one side and your spare magazine on the other, and we have delivered. Both pockets have the magazine sleeve, so righties and wrongies (lefties, jk) everywhere can carry how they want. 

Rear mag pocket

Third things third, we have added 3XL to our shorter inseam option for the first time. That's right, you can now get sizes Small - 3XL in either 7" (down from 8" before) or 11" inseam. We've also adjusted sizing across the whole lineup so our Shorts and Pants use exactly the same specs, meaning 3XL now tops out at 46" waist.

But wait, there's more. Here are the other enhanced features:

  • Substantially more room than before for holster placement when carrying Appendix thanks to a modified Carrier Retention Waistband with adjusted spacing between the front belt loops 
  • Minimized branding by removing the rubber side stripe and flattening the color-matched logo to blend in with the fabric 
  • Rubberized Aglets instead of metal aglets (drying machines everywhere rejoice!)

The Carrier Shorts Mk.II are fully compatible with both our standard Rapid Clasp and upgraded OmniCarry retention belts, along with most 1.5" belts available for sale from any brand. 

They're available at launch in Midnight Black and Olive Drab Green in 7" inseam, and Midnight Black in 11" inseam. More colors (and patterns...) coming soon. 

Let me be clear - these are the best shorts we've ever made. Purchase at your own risk, because you won't want to wear any other athletic shorts ever again. 

Check them out here!

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