NEW PRODUCT: Carrier Traveler Joggers

Traveler Joggers

Launching a new flagship product is always a big deal for a brand, and this is no exception. The Traveler Joggers represent the new high-water mark for Arrowhead. Let's dive in.

The Traveler Joggers are the culmination of 4 years of testing, research, and feedback from customers, professionals, and industry experts. Tens of thousands of seat hours pointed us to the same few conclusions for how we could take something great (our Mk.II Carrier Joggers) and create something exceptional. 

One, make them more comfortable and easier to wear for longer periods of time. 

Two, make them more durable.

Three, make them lower profile and less likely to draw any attention. 

Below, we'll break down the most impactful features on the Traveler Joggers and how they delivered against these 3 objectives. 

Objective 1: Comfortable and Easy To Wear 

You can't be "Comfortably Prepared" if you aren't comfortable. In our framework, comfort is a factor of both how a garment fits and how a garment wears. How it fits refers to the cut of the garment, the dimensions it offers, and how that lines up to your body's dimensions. How it wears goes beyond that to consider flex points and what adjustments you may have to make to the garment during the span of having it on. 

To improve how it fits, we modified the specs for the Traveler Joggers to relax the tightness in the legs and rear end while keeping the clean, tapered look of the legs.  

To improve how it wears, we added a functional zipper fly making it a very quick and simple task to relieve yourself while carrying. Having to remove your weapon from your waistband when carrying appendix just to go #1 was a top complaint from our wearers, so we knew that solving this problem would significantly reduce the obstacles to adoption. 

TJ Zippered Fly


We also added laser-cut ventilation behind both knees to help keep you cool. Allowing airflow at this crucial heat exchange point makes the Traveler Joggers substantially more livable in a huge variety of weather conditions. 

TJ ventilation

Objective 2: Extremely Durable 

Our previous joggers, sweatpants, and shorts all utilized soft external fabrics that are typical for premium athleticwear. While very comfortable, these fabrics sometimes do not hold up well under extreme use. This can lead to unsightly snagging and fraying. 

We decided to up the ante with the Traveler Joggers by introducing a durable polyester-based material for the first time in our catalogue. This new lightweight fabric is snag-proof, odor-resistant, and water-resistant. This trifecta of fabric properties makes the Traveler Joggers our most durable product yet while also staying comfortable and livable (see Objective 1). 

Objective 3: Low Profile 

As we've grown as a brand, our logo has become increasingly recognizable. While we make all efforts to keep our branding discreet, we realize that many of our customers would prefer no "tells" whatsoever that could give clues about what they're carrying. After all, they're wearing athletic clothes specifically to not look like a cargo pants commander. 

So, we made the choice to remove branding entirely from our Traveler Joggers. The styling is iconically Arrowhead, but there is not a logo to be found on the exterior of the pants. 

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

And of course, the Traveler Joggers carry over the defining features of Arrowhead apparel that provide safe and secure support for your EDC. Our patented Carrier Retention Waistband is present on the Traveler Joggers, with tweaked inner belt loops to make threading the belt easier than ever. The Waistband offers support for every waist-mounted carry position, and it's compatible with almost every IWB holster and handgun. 

Deep hand pockets and zippered rear pockets round out the storage capacity. 

TJ waistband
TJ rear zippered pockets

In Conclusion

 We threw everything we had at the Traveler Joggers to make them the ultimate all-season, low-profile, any-activity pants for EDC. With a 4.96/5 star feedback rating (as of the time this was written), the jury is in about how we did. 

If you'd like to experience the Traveler Joggers for yourself, you can grab a pair (or 3) here while stock lasts. 

Generation 3 of Arrowhead Tactical Apparel is here, and there's a lot more where this came from. This is the year of new launches, so stay tuned. 

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